Get Started

Get Started


Take time to make a plan

Taking some time to do a little research and get organized before beginning your project will pay big dividends in time savings and reduce frustration.


Things to Consider

Take a look at the space you plan to renovate, and think outside the box. Will you keep walls, appliances, doors, windows and walkways the same? Or can you find a new layout that is better?  Should you move a doorway, close one off or add one somewhere to help traffic flow?  Is there a bulkhead or soffit you want to remove?  Are your appliances installed in an ergonomic work triangle?  Try to look at your space with fresh eyes and imagine the possibilities.


Utilize Resources

Spend some time on Houzz and Pinterest. Browse cabinetry literature, home magazines, and visit area home shows. Make notes about what you like and don’t like about the spaces you see. You will notice that a pattern develops.



Use the Diamond Now Room Planner to begin exploring room layouts and cabinetry styles. You can save multiple designs and quickly make changes until you’ve settled on just the right look for you!