Create a Room You Will Love

Creating your dream kitchen has never been so easy! With Diamond Now Room Planner, you can lay out and design your space, and even order your cabinets - all online and from the comfort of home - following the steps below.

You will find that Room Planner functions most effectively when using either Firefox or Google Chrome web browser on your computer.


1. Configure Your Layout

With Room Planner, you can draw your floor plan to its exact dimensions by simply clicking and dragging to create walls. You can even include angled walls, windows and doors for a realistic view of your room! It's quick and easy to modify your existing layout or start a brand new design whenever you want.


2. Place Your Cabinets

Once you've created your room's unique footprint, you'll bring it to life by placing cabinets and other important design elements into your layout.

You can select from all available sizes of Diamond Now base, wall and tall cabinets, along with a variety of appliance and fixture choices, to determine the best configuration to fit your vision. Move around and view your room from various perspectives to make sure it's exactly the way you want it!


3. Customize Design Details

Now that you've determined how your new cabinetry will be configured, you can use Room Planner's advanced features to switch between the beautiful cabinetry styles available in Diamond Now to determine your favorite.

To help you make the right cabinetry choice for your design style, take some time to experiment with a variety of flooring, paint colors, furnishings, and other decor options to envision just how your finished room will appear!


4. Prepare Your Order

When your room plan is complete, there are two ways to get your Diamond NOW cabinets.

If you'd like to order your cabinets online, you can add cabinets straight from your Room Planner design to your Lowe's shopping cart with just a click. You can even have them shipped directly to your home! Otherwise, download or email yourself the shopping list, and visit the kitchen showroom at your favorite Lowe's store to buy.



Begin the program and start clicking to configure your layout, place your cabinets, customize design details, and prepare your order. Before you know it, you’ll being living in a room you love!

Available Exclusively at Your Local Lowe's